Goal 7.1 Outreach and Education to Public: Community Awareness, Involvement, and Promotionals


Implementing such an extensive plan requires not only the city and its stakeholders to take action, but also engaging both city and community to advance Claremont’s sustainability to its targeted goals. The seventh goal that the plan seeks to accomplish is to educate and integrate the best sustainable practices into everyday action for everyone. In order to achieve this particular goal the sustainable plan recognizes that there must be a constant monitor for progress, updates on practices, and access to relevant, easy to understand reliable data/report cards. Continue reading


Measuring Sustainability: Metrics and Progress Assessment

Metrics                           7.3 Metrics

As previously noted in our blog, all cities need to address climate change through SB 32 and AB 375. Cities must reduce their GHG emissions to1990 levels by 2020. Cities and Counties across California are addressing the issue and have started by taking a Green House Gas inventory to plan for reductions and measure progress. Most cities publish an annual report card while others just choose to update their Sustainability Plans to assess progress and plan ahead.

The city of Claremont has chosen to publish an annual report card as a metric to measure their progress in sustainability. The report card is a product of “City of Claremont’s Sustainable City Plan” under the Summary of Actions for Goal Area 7 which addresses Public Outreach and Implementation as well as metrics. Continue reading

7.1.16 Develop Sustainability Curriculum with CUSD for use in City Schools.


Oakmont Elementary School students walk past the Oakmont Biome Project, “a community ecolab of California native plant species,” during the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the project’s installation at the Claremont school Friday. photos by james carbone

The City of Claremont is partnering with Claremont Unified School District to help create a sustainability curriculum.  Oakmont Elementary partnered with BAM Landscape to create an outdoor classroom.  Every year BAM Landscape donates a major project to an organization or initiative in order to gives back to the community.  BAM created a biome Continue reading

Goal Area 7.2 – Implementation

Sustainability Program Assessment 

Purpose of Goal Area 7.2 – Implementation

Permanently integrate these principles, goals, policies, and actions of this plan into the organizational structure and on-going decision making processes of the city.

  • Embedment – Successfully “embed” approved sustainability Goals within City policies, procedures and ordinances at appropriate levels of authority, e.g. Staff, Commissions and Council with minimal budget impact.
  • Support and Recognition – Affirmative implementation of a plan of this importance and complexity will require adequate ongoing dedicated staff time commitment. At a minimum, the City will support a full-time staff position dedicated to sustainability. Furtherance of the goals of this Plan will be included in job descriptions and performance evaluation of staff involved in aspects of its implementation.
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting – Put in place a “progress reporting mechanism” to report City government’s implementation progress.
  • Citizen Oversight – Maintain a highly qualified, well-informed “City Sustainability Committee” to provide citizen oversight to ensure that City staff continues to work to achieve sustainability goals and updates these goals regularly to ensure they remain relevant.

Continue reading