Getting upfront with stakeholders

The stakeholders and individuals outlined in the Sustainable Claremont City Plan were discussed for their efforts and importance in our groups first blog post. As a group we knew that it was not sufficient for the stakeholders to be merely mentioned, we knew that further contact and outreach was needed to gain a thorough understanding of stakeholder interest in sustainability. Each member of the stakeholder group for this course contacted a member of the stakeholder list and gain more information on why the group or individual is interested in contributing to sustainability within the city of Claremont. The stakeholders that we believe to be important and named a part of the sustainability plan are the Claremont Colleges, Claremont Unified School District, and Claremont Heritage. These three main groups were chosen because of the involvement within the community and their significance. Additionally there was Pilgrim Place which was identified for their sustainability efforts by Claremont Principal Planner Christopher Veirs. Continue reading


Stakeholders and Institutional Context – Sustainable Built Environment

Jonathan Ayon, Eduardo Hernandez, Marisa Borbon, Santos SanchezClaremont City Hall

The City of Claremont Sustainable City Plan was enacted for the purpose of reducing the effects on the environment from city residents. There are a number of stakeholders within the City. However, the stakeholders listed are City of Claremont employees, Claremont Colleges, Claremont Unified School District, and Southern California Edison.

MStakeholder Diagramany of these stakeholders are responsible agencies found in the Claremont Sustainability Plan. For example, the City of Claremont would be a responsible agency to require LEED Silver certification for private non-residential development to be sustainable. Not only does the city work with LEED certification, but also Green Point Rated who is a non-profit organization promoting green/sustainable buildings. Los Angeles County Flood Control District is an additional stakeholder that partakes in the plan. The agency contributes to the sustainable infrastructure of the City by re-envisioning and re-constructing the channeled waterways to be more natural. Continue reading