Demographics & Culture: K-12

The Claremont Unified School District operates and administers the many elementary, middle, and high schools in Claremont, CA. boundary_main

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Demographics & Culture: Daytime vs. Nighttime Recreational Opportunity

Beginning of Thompson Creek equestrian and bicycle trail.  (Source: Bond Mendez)

Beginning of Thompson Creek equestrian and bicycle trail.
(Source: Bond Mendez)

Claremont is a city populated with people of all ages and it has many provisions that cater to both daytime and nighttime recreational activities. When kids are out of school they most likely want to play and in the city there is definitely not a shortage of locations for families to take their children. Claremont has a total of 22 parks, including the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, for children of all ages to Continue reading

Demographics and Culture: Museums and Art Exhibits

Pomona College Museum of Art

Pomona College Museum of Art

By Zulema Elly Antuna

The City of Claremont has a variety of museums and art exhibits throughout the City that add culture to the community. The Claremont colleges also have their own art galleries including the Pomona College Museum of Art which is housed out of Scripps College, and the Pomona College Museum of Art. For such a small city, Claremont has quite a few museums, Continue reading

Housing & Economic Sustainability; Business & Resident’s Opportunities

20150119_160914The city of Claremont has over 3000 businesses, which are in categories of: airports, apartments, auto dealers, colleges, entertainment, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing, non-business & retired, non-profit, professionals, restaurants, retail, retirement communities, services, transportation, and utilities. All these bring in an estimated total of $20,315,326 in revenue (2012-2014). Continue reading

Demographics and Culture: Claremont Colleges Demographics

The Claremont University Center (CUC) is a consortium of seven colleges:

  • Pomona College
  • Claremont Graduate University
  • Scripps College
  • Claremont McKenna College
  • Harvey Mudd College
  • Pitzer College
  • Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences

The CUC’s mission is “To advance The Claremont Colleges by promoting collaboration; providing innovative, high quality, and cost effective customer-oriented services; and by supporting the establishment of new institutions.”  (  The key means of executing the mission is rooted within the structure of the consortium.   Continue reading

Demographics and Culture: Conservation, History and Heritage

By Zulema Elly Antuna

Driving through the City of Claremont you can see and feel the distinct difference between Claremont and the bordering cities (Pomona, Montclair, La Verne, Upland). The City of Claremont is a community that sees value in the conservation of historic resources and the numerous examples of carefully preserved homes throughout the City speak to this. Sprinkled throughout the City are cultural landmarks and beautiful examples of historic architecture. There are several organizations, plans and commissions in place to ensure that the City’s History and Heritage are conserved. Continue reading

Demographics & Culture: Recreational Communities within the City

Entrance to the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

Entrance to the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

Trail Hiking

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, since 2008, the entire park consists of 1,620 acres. The boundaries include Marshall Canyon to the West, Angeles National Forest to the North, and San Bernardino County line to the East and the park elevation varies from 1,800 to 3,000 feet. The park is open all year with varied hours and parking fees, but entry to the park is free. Continue reading