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Bike Share

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Attending the conference up in Seattle was one of the highlights of the year. The thing that left the biggest impression on me was the bike share program and geared the city is toward active transportation. The city of Seattle is dense enough for the pedestrian to take priority and traffic is not as bad as the city of Los Angeles. Many of the people in the city were either walking or riding their bikes through the streets of Seattle.


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The session that caught my attention from the conference was the topic of facing the issues of the aging communities. With an aging population brings about different social problems and planning issues. Basically what the session covered was the issue of people living longer and how there is little to no accessibility for those baby boomers. Due to our progressing advances in medicine people are now living longer than ever and has brought about problems due to the way we planned our cities. The suburban area was created with the necessity of a car. Our public transit system are no way near adequate to get the aging population around. So the option for the aging population is slim. The age community only option is to move in with relatives or move into a retirement home. This puts the burden on their loved ones or giving up the personal freedom that they had for so long. One of the solutions that was brought up was the idea of using school buses to provide a way for the elderly to get around the city since school buses have more routes than our local transportation system.


The Importance of Bike Lanes and Accident Reports

After considering everything our group has gone through it gives you the opportunity to see how things will actually be in the field. Requesting information from the public is like pulling teeth and establishing something solid is difficult, especially when other groups are not concerned with your project. It feels as though we have had to change our project several times over.  Nevertheless in our report we developed mitigation measure that would create a safe environment. The map below illustrates the police report that indicates the bicycle collisions that occurred with the last year in the city of ClAccidentsaremont. The accidents occurred from May 2014 to May 2015. Clearly with the graphic representation the proximity to the schools is too hard to deny. Through the use of bike lanes the number of collisions can be reduced or even potentially eliminate the number of accidents. Through the grant that was provide the city of Claremont was able to educate the public about safe methods.


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Currently there is a big shift for cities to redesign their streets in a manner that would promote complete streets. The city of Claremont has been a leader in the use of bike lanes but there is still plenty of opportunities to create more safe routes for bike riders. Currently there are several grants that is provided by the states and the local transportation authority. There are several opportunities around the corner and the time to act is now.

One of the other things we were taking a look at was the idea of creating more cross walks that will provide the students at Claremont the opportunity to use the crosswalks instead of J walking. Also another thing to keep in mind is the idea of using temporary paint to create pilot programs and later evaluate if they pilot program is worth applying. This program would be a cost efficient way of creating the best program.

It would be great to see someone from the community take charge of the Safe Routes to school and create active group focused on setting up workshops with the students and parents. The purpose of our project is to focus on developing mitigation measures that would prevent any injuries. By establishing an infrastructure that would promote the safety of the students; parents might be more inclined to allow their children to take themselves to school. Overall we are in the final stages of our project and are looking forward to hearing feedback from the city of Claremont.


Active Transportation Gallore!

Bike parking on Pike St

Bike parking on Pike St

Who needs a car in Seattle, WA?! For a person that lives in Seattle, car may not be necessary- specially if they live and work in the city! The city is dense, and has wide sidewalks to allow for enough pedestrians to walk comfortably. A side from that, people are able to purchase a public transportation card that may be used for the bus, light rail, and monorail. Continue reading