Transit Infrastructure for a Greener Claremont

For a cleaner Claremont  there is a need to Improve existing and add new transit by implementing such projects as the Gold Line Extension offering, transit store‖ services at the Depot Transit Center, bus stop enhancements citywide, Encourage the use of electric vehicles by installing charging stations for public use. Listed below are some of the goals for infrastructure improvement and the importance they would play for cleaner mode infrastructure.

A. Support extension of the Gold Line to Claremont and Ontario International Airport and to continue the support and implementation of transit- oriented developments.

What these improvements will help with is improve the regional connection.  The more that is happens in a regional context it will help link more transportation for better connections. This is what there a lack of in the region is.  With a train station it is a great start to have such programs that connect those who travel by train to transportation around the city.

B.Continue Transit Store services at the Depot Transit Center and City (Community Services)

Continued use of transit store services at the  Depot Transit Center or even extension will attract more ridership in the Community. This is important because it brings a sense of community to the area and in terms of well-being in the community a sense of community will encourage more users. Having programs are also great for the community it will help them become more educated about the  environment and also use alternative modes of transportation.

C.Enhance bus stops citywide (benches, shelters, etc.)

The current bus stops, which attract most attention, are the ones on First Street by the train station. They have a shelter over them and have a Directory of the City. Other stops in the city just have something as simple as a bench. It is important to continue to create a more combined effort to enhance the bus stops to create more coherency. This would help improve the transit network and let people and visitors know when they are in Claremont and the transit they are using. For the directory, they should include stops that highlight Recharging stations that would create more awareness.


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