Stakeholders and Institutional Context – Sustainable Built Environment

Jonathan Ayon, Eduardo Hernandez, Marisa Borbon, Santos SanchezClaremont City Hall

The City of Claremont Sustainable City Plan was enacted for the purpose of reducing the effects on the environment from city residents. There are a number of stakeholders within the City. However, the stakeholders listed are City of Claremont employees, Claremont Colleges, Claremont Unified School District, and Southern California Edison.

MStakeholder Diagramany of these stakeholders are responsible agencies found in the Claremont Sustainability Plan. For example, the City of Claremont would be a responsible agency to require LEED Silver certification for private non-residential development to be sustainable. Not only does the city work with LEED certification, but also Green Point Rated who is a non-profit organization promoting green/sustainable buildings. Los Angeles County Flood Control District is an additional stakeholder that partakes in the plan. The agency contributes to the sustainable infrastructure of the City by re-envisioning and re-constructing the channeled waterways to be more natural.

Awarded Prestigious LEED® Gold Certification for the Kravis Center

Awarded Prestigious LEED® Gold Certification for the Kravis Center

Even though the stakeholders are doing their individual efforts to help the plan meet its goals, some of the goals have been revised since it would not be possible to acquire the initial ones in the near future. For example, the city’s goal is reduce water use by 40%. The various stakeholders have helped reduce water in the city by 20% and it was fairly easy to reach. However, the next 20% of water reduction has been a challenge. Still, the city and its stakeholders are working together to reach the goals of the Claremont Sustainable City Plan.

Additional stakeholders include the various residents of Claremont. The elderly population, such as the assisted living of Pilgrim Place, are affected by the decisions and developments of the city. Residents of Pilgrim Place have active voices in participating in sustainability programs. In addition, they are very involved in council meetings, planning commission meetings, and local issues since most of the seniors have been active throughout their life in religious or charitable organizations.

Senior citizen stakeholder interest.

Senior citizen stakeholder interest.

The Claremont Unified School District assumes the role as a stakeholder with the best intention to represent the students, as the role of sustainability for current and future generations. The unified school district also makes the effort to run programs that teach the students about sustainability, by creating school/community gardens, and other educational programs of efforts towards sustainability.A significant part of the city of Claremont is actually privatized by the Claremont Colleges Institutions, which are known nationwide as some of the best colleges in the country. The students are usually big spenders throughout the economy of Claremont and much of the retail depends on the students and their school year schedule. Since they are private they do not provide much back to the community, such as public space. However, the Colleges do contribute to public services and public safety, as well as spending money throughout the village and bringing in revenue for the city. Much of the bike plans already implemented were pushed by the Colleges as well as other safety components.

There is also, Claremont Heritage, a non-profit and largest city organization in charge of historic preservation. They are big supporters of homeowners and have several community programs and events that talk about and help preserve the history of Claremont. Not only are they active in preserving homes, but also historical resources and cultural heritage. They have been responsible from preventing demolitions and run several programs such as a homeowner assist programs. They also provide educational programs, sponsor workshops and involved with current community developments.

Other stakeholders that may have some minimal impact on the Sustainable City Plan, but are still stakeholders in some way or another include Kaiser Permanente, contractors and solar companies. Also, during the discussion with the principal planner we did not hear about Foothill Transit and Metrolink (Metro) having any significant role as stakeholders in the city.

The City of Claremont could benefit from designating someone from their staff who could be a chief officer of sustainability. This would help the city implement the sustainable plan and be in charge of  concerns and thoughts from all of the stakeholders addressed above. This officer would be a asset and a permanent fixture in leading the city to a sustainable future.


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