Demographics and Culture: Claremont Colleges Demographics

The Claremont University Center (CUC) is a consortium of seven colleges:

  • Pomona College
  • Claremont Graduate University
  • Scripps College
  • Claremont McKenna College
  • Harvey Mudd College
  • Pitzer College
  • Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences

The CUC’s mission is “To advance The Claremont Colleges by promoting collaboration; providing innovative, high quality, and cost effective customer-oriented services; and by supporting the establishment of new institutions.”  (  The key means of executing the mission is rooted within the structure of the consortium.  All seven colleges are privately run and administered as separate, unique institutions.  However, the seven colleges share common resources and facilities where it makes sense.  The seven colleges share a clustered location in Claremont, CA.  They share resources such as counseling services, and facilities such as the library.  This was envisioned to create and sustain colleges of an intimate atmosphere with resources of a much larger university.

Students at one college may cross-enroll in courses at another college.  There is a partnership within colleges within the consortium.  However, the colleges are unique and are administered separately.  These are the emphasis of the colleges:

  • Pomona College – B.A. degrees of liberal arts curriculum
  • Claremont Graduate University – MA and PhD degrees in arts and humanities, social sciences, community health, management, education, information technology, and botany
  • Scripps College – B.A. degrees of liberal arts curriculum for women
  • Claremont McKenna College – Liberal arts curriculum, focused on economics, government, and international relations
  • Harvey Mudd College – B.S. degrees of science, math, and engineering
  • Pitzer College – Curriculum of sciences and humanities
  • Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences – M.S. and PPM degrees of biology and life sciences
College Undergrad Grad Faculty Acres
Pomona College 1607 0 191 140
Claremont Grad 0 2261 199 19
Scripps 990 19 112 37
Claremont McKenna 1254 20 134 50
Harvey Mudd 807 0 83 38
Pitzer 1025 0 166 35
Keck Grad Inst 0 NA 20 NA
Total 5683 2300+ 905 319+

Student Housing

Many students live on campus at the Claremont Colleges.  Each college offers its own variety of on student housing; these vary from dormitories to apartments.  A recurring theme within the campuses is that the majority of students choose to live on campus.  At Pomona College, ~97% of students live on campus; Claremont Graduate University has space for 248 students, a smart portion of its student population; 706 beds are offered to Scripps College students; 95% of Claremont McKenna students live on campus; Information on Harvey Mudd College student housing capacity is not available, but they host eight residence halls; Information on Pitzer College student housing capacity is not available, however it is known that they host 6 resident halls; Keck Graduate Institute is the only college that does not offer its own student housing accommodations.  Keeping with its shared mission of collaboration, students can participate in an exchange program where a student can “exchange” living accommodations with another student at a different college.  Thus, students can in theory live anywhere on campus.

Authored by Danny Thai


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