Cal Poly Pomona Department of Urban and Regional Planning has taken on Claremont’s sustainability programs as a service-learning opportunity for the class URP 431 and 432. This blog showcases student research, analysis, solutions and other ideas related to sustainability in the City of Claremont, California. This blog is a work in progress, and frequent changes and updates will be made over the 2015 winter and spring quarter.

On October 28, 2008, the City of Claremont adopted a Sustainable City Plan in accordance with the General Plan, setting a series of broad goals and objectives that help shape a strong path for the City in the future.  During this quarter we will review the Sustainable Plan.  We have broken up into seven teams according to topics in the Sustainable City Plan.

To see what we’re up to, use the navigation tabs above! We are happy to share our progress with you.

The At a Glance navigation tab features an inventory of existing conditions in Claremont.  The goal is to take a comprehensive look at what is going on in Claremont in terms of current sustainable practices.

The Program Assessment navigation tab showcases sustainability precedents and a closer look at existing programs.  We examine certain aspects of Claremont’s Sustainability Plan and provide alternatives.  First a problem is defined, then evaluation criteria is set with the guidance of case studies, and finally an initial set of solutions or alternatives are created.  A more comprehensive and detailed set of alternatives will be provided in the URP 432 spring session.

The Sustainability Research Topic navigation tab exhibits individual research topics and analyses of topics related to both sustainability and the City of Claremont. These posts will explore the potential each topic has for development or planning in the City and look into what other cities’ have accomplished. In addition, they will help shape our team projects for Spring 2015.

This blog is not officially affiliated with Sustainable Claremont, a non-profit organization working towards Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability in Claremont.


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